Free Conformation Classes

Every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 pm in the Econo Supermarket parking lot in Altamira, Guaynabo.


Dog shows (conformation events) are intended to evaluate purebred dogs from local breeders. Assess the dog's conformation (general appearance and build), and the dog's abilities to produce quality puppies.
As one of the most popular AKC events, conformation events range from large all-breed shows, with over 3,000 dogs entered, to small local specialty club shows that feature only one breed.

The official term for dog shows is conformation — as in, the act of conforming or producing conformity. While a dog show may look like a beauty pageant, it’s not. Dogs are not being compared to each other; they’re being measured by how closely they conform to the standard of their particular breed.

To compete in an AKC Conformation show, your dog must be:

•Six months or older on the day of the show
•Recognized breed by the AKC
•Registered with the AKC
•NOT spayed or neutered
• No disqualifying faults, as stated by their breed’s parent organization

• In sound health and up-to-date on vaccinations
Remember, our Conformation classes are free!

Dog Shows

Our most recent modality in dog sport is agility trials. They have caused great interest among exhibitors, both in terms of conformation and obedience. This new sport has caught the attention of dog lovers as it fosters a teamwork dynamic between the dog and its handler in a fun, intense, athletic way and with very varied challenges.

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