About Us

We are the first AKC licensed Canine Club in Puerto Rico. We hold two dog shows per year and offer Conformation, Obedience and Rally classes weekly. We also develop activities that contribute to the promotion of dog sport. 

Four dachshunds in the breed category at the Dog Show.

Founded in 1983, Caribe Kennel Club is the oldest dog club of the American Kennel Club in Puerto Rico.

505/5000 The origins of Caribe Kennel Club are directly linked to the promotion of the Obedience modality, within dog sports. However, the interest and development of the Conformation modality has been so intense that our Caribbean Classic Cluster and Tropical Treat Cluster competitions; have become the most anticipated on the Island. With around 200 dogs performing four competitions on two consecutive days in the Conformation, Obedience and Rally modalities.

Perro caminando al lado de su compañero humano.

Our Obedience classes are the core activity of our club and the gathering place for our membership, and fans. Our Obedience Courses have five levels: Basic for Puppies, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Rally. It should be noted that as part of our service to the community, Caribe Kennel Club has maintained the lowest cost for Obedience Classes on the market. Nevertheless, among our instructors we have two Puerto Rican Obedience Judges certified by the American Kennel Club.

An additional alternative that our club offers to dog owners, with a view to reinforcing public responsibility, is the Canine Good Citizen Certificate. This title, which is awarded by the AKC, consists of several simple tests that show that your dog is capable of observing a behavior suitable for daily living in society with people, and with other animals.

Dog sitting at a Rally's station.

From the Obedience classes we evolved to the Conformation classes, with enthusiasm and professionalism we recruit experienced managers to share their knowledge with newcomers to Conformation and serve as critical judges with experience. We have promoted an activity of learning and practice on the track ring. Our Obedience classes available for all levels of interest.

Finally, our club promotes the modality of Therapy Dogs. These are dogs with basic Obedience training, they have passed tests of temperament, docility and behavior. Together with their managers they make visits to different institutions with the aim of bringing a moment of joy or an experience enriching. Our therapy dogs visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes, penal institutions, or any institution where it is necessary to produce a affective experience with one of our pets. Caribe Kennel Club has among its members with evaluators from Therapy Dogs Incorporated, who can certify therapy dogs in Puerto Rico.

Caribe Kennel Club promotes the breeding and development of purebred dogs, and the responsible ownership and management of all canine pets. That is why we welcome all dog lovers.

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